2100.000.00 Voter Registration Requirements

2100.020.10 ITrackRS

IM-105 October 8, 2021, IM-60 September 26, 2011, IM-64 September 3, 2009, IM-62 August 12, 2008

The receptionist/s in each local office must keep a log of all persons who come into the office for one of the following reasons:

  • apply for benefits;
  • complete reviews;
  • report changes of address; and
  • register to vote only.NOTE: If the individual is in the office to register to vote only, the receptionist will give the individual a Missouri Voter Registration Application form and offer to assist him/her with completing the form.  Refer to Section 0105.026.05.15 for special procedures for out-of-state residents.If an individual is in the office to drop off information regarding an address change or pick up an application for benefits, review form, or address change form the receptionist will provide a Missouri Voter Registration Application form with the appropriate FSD forms.

Do not enter on the Reception Log the names of individuals:

  • who are not present in the office and request application for benefits forms or review forms be sent to them by mail.
  • who are not present in the office and whose applications for benefits and reviews are received in the mail, even if the Missouri Voter Registration Application or VR-100 is returned with the application or review.  (The individuals’ names from mailed voter registration applications are not included on the Reception Log; however the names of individuals returning a completed voter registration or declination form are listed on the Voter Registration Log.)

Reception Logs currently in the office files and all Reception Logs that will be received or created prior to June 25, 2013 must be retained until June 26, 2015. Reception Logs received or created on or after June 26, 2013, shall be retained for 24 months after they were received or created. Reception logs may be destroyed thereafter following departmental policy for destruction of records containing sensitive or confidential information.