2100.000.00 Voter Registration Requirements

2100.020.60 Recording the Data in ITrackRS

IM-118 November 16, 2021IM-105 October 8, 2021; IM-60 September 26, 2011; IM-64 September 3, 2009; IM-62 August 12, 2008

Local staff, designated by the local NVRA Coordinator, must enter into ITrackRS the data collected on:

  • the number of persons in each Family Support Division (FSD) location who:
    • apply for benefits
    • complete a review
    • report a change of address
    • choose only to register to vote
  • the number of letters sent to take corrective action when it is found that an individual was not offered the opportunity to register to vote

ITrackRS will compile the information into a statewide report that will be submitted to the statewide NVRA Coordinator for review and monitoring.  The statewide NVRA Coordinator will monitor the compliance of all FSD locations with regard to voter registration policy.  The statewide NVRA Coordinator will contact any FSD location whose reported numbers indicate there may be a deficiency and will work with the local NVRA Coordinator to develop a corrective action plan, if warranted.