zz – Obsolete

0105.015.00 Dating the Application – OBSOLETE

Obsolete per IM-125 September 13, 2022

IM-75 May 5, 2019, IM-134 November 13, 2017, IM-#35 June 16, 2016, IM-22 April 26, 2016, IM#15 March 20, 2014, IM#91 November 21, 2012

For MO HealthNet for the Aged, Blind, and Disabled, and Adult Cash Assistance applications, the date of application is the date the signed application is received by the FSD. When a home visit is required, the date of application is the date the home visit is requested. The home visit request may be received by mail, fax, phone, or from a third party.

Adding a Person to an Existing Application

When an individual is a mandatory member of an eligibility unit with an existing application, the individual will be considered to be included in the application as of the date the individual is required to be included in the assistance group.

Electronic, Mail, Fax, or Drop-Off Application, including MO Benefit Center Applications

Applications submitted by mail, drop off, fax, or electronic transmission shall be accepted and processed the same as an in-person filing of an application. The application date is the date the SIGNED application is received by the FSD .
If an electronic or dropped off application is received after normal business hours or on a weekend or holiday, the application date is the next working day

Medicare Savings Program (MSP) Model Application

FSD will preserve the date of application when a signed and completed Medicare Savings Program (MSP) Model Application: Application for Medicare Premium Assistance is received by FSD. The MSP can be obtained from the Social Security Administration web site. The MSP is valid only for Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB) and Specified Low Income Beneficiary (SLMB) applications.

The MSP does not include all necessary information and acknowledgements of responsibility to complete a QMB/SLMB determination. Send the IM-1 QMB/SLMB and allow 10 days for completion.