zz – Obsolete

0105.035.00 Notification of Application Decision – OBSOLETE

Obsolete per IM-125 September 13, 2022

IM-75 May 5, 2019

The automated eligibility system will s end written notification of approval or denial to each applicant after the application has been approved or rejected. Send a manual rejection notice to claimants who withdraw their application. Explain in detail the reason for rejection and the appropriate legal reference.

The automated eligibility system will reject the application on the application due date if the applicant fails to provide needed information in response to a written request (FA-325, IM-31A or other letter) Do NOT manually reject the application until the due date for failure to provide requested information.

EXAMPLE: Staff sends a written request with applicant A on June 28, 20xx . Information is expected to be returned by July 08, 20xx . If the information is not received a second written request would be sent on July 09, 20xx, giving the applicant until July 19, 20xx to provide the information.

The automated eligibility system will send a notice of rejection for any applicant found ineligible. This includes situations where some assistance members (for whom assistance was requested) are found ineligible while others are found eligible. It also includes situations where application is made for both MO HealthNet and a cash grant and an applicant is found eligible for MO HealthNet , but ineligible for the cash grant.