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0130.020.70.05 FSD Reviews the Case when the Hearing Request is Received – DUPLICATE

If the FSD decision or action was incorrect, or when the case record is inadequate to substantiate the action, staff rescind from the hearing request by:

  • Completing the FSD Action Rescinded (IM-90A)¬†form.
  • Scanning and indexing the IM-90A to the FSD Work Site Hearing Portal at FSDIM87@ip.sp.mo.gov. The AHU receives a link to the IM-90A when it is scanned, indexed and assigned in the portal.
  • Completing and mailing to the EU the FSD Action Withdrawn Participant Notification (IM-90B) form.
  • Scanning and indexing a copy of the IM-90B to the Virtual File Room.
  • Commenting in the electronic record about the case review and why the FSD rescinded the action that had resulted in the hearing request.