zz – Obsolete

0150.045.10.05 Closed Temporary Assistance Cases – OBSOLETE

OBSOLETE PER IM-125 December 8, 2021

IM-#101 December 1, 2008

Prior to October 1, 2008, closed cash cases with unused benefits in an EBT account are sent one or more of the following system-generated notices:

  • Benefits not used for 30 days – A notice was sent informing the participant that the benefit will be removed from the EBT account unless it was used before the 25th day of the month following the next month. For example, a 30-day notice sent during the last week of December will tell the participant that benefits must be used by February 25 to prevent them from being removed from the EBT account.
  • Benefit not used for 90 days – A notice was sent that benefits were removed from the EBT account. The notice instructed the participant to contact the caseworker if s/he wishes to have the benefits restored to the EBT account.