zz – Obsolete

0150.045.17 Replacement of Aged Food Stamp and Temporary Assistance Benefits – OBSOLETE

OBSOLETE PER IM-125 December 8, 2021

IM-#101 December 1, 2008  IM-#94 September 20, 2004

The aged benefit is reissued by accessing the Payment History (FM5F) screen in FAMIS and flowing to the Payment Maintenance (FM5J) screen. Refer to user guide Reissuing Aged Benefits for instructions. Prior to entering the reissue request to replace aged benefits, the caseworker shall:

  • Explore with the participant why the benefits were not used. Provide training to correct any misunderstanding about use of the EBT card.
  • Explain options available if the participant is determined ineligible to receive the benefits for which s/he is requesting replacement.
    • If benefits were authorized and due process has not been given, a request for replacement of the benefit cannot be denied. The participant is entitled to access the aged benefit if s/he chooses this option.
    • If benefits for which the participant is not eligible are replaced, a claim may be established.
    • If appropriate, initiate claim procedures and make a referral to WIU when applicable.