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0800.000.00 Medical Assistance for the Aged, Blind and Disabled – OBSOLETE

The purpose of the Medical Assistance (MA) program is to provide medical care for those aged, blind and disabled persons who do not qualify for cash benefits under any of the existing programs administered by the Family Support Division. The program was developed to offer medical services to aged, blind and disabled adults who are not eligible for State Supplemental Payments, Supplemental Aid to the Blind Payments, or Supplemental Nursing Care Payments. Persons eligible for one of these programs will automatically be eligible for Title XIX (Medicaid). Persons eligible for Blind Pension are automatically eligible for state funded medical coverage.

Effective August 13, 1988, the Missouri General Assembly authorized Medical Assistance benefits for disabled children (MADC) under age 18 if they meet the December 1973 eligibility requirements for PTD. Eligibility requirements for MADC are the same as those for other disabled individuals, except that income and resources of the disabled child’s parents are deemed in certain circumstances.