zz – Obsolete

0805.010.00 MA/GR Dual Eligibility – OBSOLETE

IM-83 July 2, 2003, IM-89 July 22, 2003

Effective February 1, 1992, claimants may receive a General Relief cash grant and unrestricted Title XIX Medicaid coverage by meeting the eligibility criteria for both the General Relief and Medical Assistance programs.  These persons are known as dually eligible.

Claimants must apply for both MA and GR and meet all eligibility criteria in order to be determined dually eligible.  Follow usual investigative procedures for both programs to establish eligibility.  Refer to IM-5/IMU5 Instructions for specific procedures.

Effective August 1, 2003, the maximum General Relief (GR) cash grant will be reduced to $0.00 per month for each eligible individual. Although grants are currently not being paid, continue to approve individuals who meet the eligibility requirements for both programs as MA-GR cases. Continue to enter “A”  as the level of care in IMU5 on these cases. This will allow the cases to be identified if funding for the cash grant is appropriated in the future.