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0840.010.15 Spend Down to Non-Spend Down or MA-WD Non-premium – OBSOLETE

This section was marked as obsolete when moved to DSSManuals on August 24, 2018.

IM-78 June 28, 2002

If, as a result of a change, the claimant no longer has to meet the MA spend down or MA-WD premium provisions, transfer the case to either MA non-spend down or MA-WD non-premium once the eligibility for either category has been verified. Make the change effective the month the change is reported, if it is determined the claimant was eligible on a non-spend down or non-premium basis for that month. The change could be a decrease in income, a person becoming MA-WD eligible, a person becoming HCB eligible, etc.

The Division of Medical Services will automatically refund any spend down or premium amount the claimant paid-in for months that are changed to MA non-spend down or MA-WD non-premium.