zz – Obsolete

0905.010.40 Cooperation in Pursuit of Medical Support (MAF) – OBSOLETE

IM-#104, December 20, 2012, IM-#6 January 11, 2000

The caretaker is required to cooperate with the Family Support Division-Child Support (FSD-CS) in the pursuit of medical support.  (Note: They do not have to cooperate in the collection of child support payments.)

Inform the caretaker of the requirement of cooperation and the right to claim good cause for refusal to cooperate. If FSD-CS notifies the eligibility specialist the claimant has failed to cooperate, determine if the claimant had “good cause” for failing to cooperate. Refer to 0205.060.20 – 0205.060.30.05 for this determination. If good cause is not established, sanction the caretaker for failure to cooperate in obtaining medical support by ending their coverage. The children are not sanctioned.