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0905.012.50 Child Support Disregard – OBSOLETE

IM-46 May 13, 2005,  IM-218 December 13, 2001,  IM-#89 May 4, 2001

The first $50 of child support income received per MAF case per month is to be disregarded in the gross income eligibility limit test, the full need standard test (Temporary Assistance Consolidated Standard Expense) and the net income limit test (current Temporary Assistance maximum grant amount). When a household applying for or receiving MAF receives child support, disregard the first $50 of the total received and budget the remainder as unearned income. There can only be one $50 disregard per MAF case.

EXAMPLE: Ms. Jones applies for MAF and Temporary Assistance (TA) for herself and one child. The only income in the assistance group is child support in the amount of $250 per month. The cash budget for Temporary Assistance would include the full $250 child support. The child support exceeds the $234 net income limit for two persons, making the assistance group ineligible for TA. For MAF, disregard the first $50 of the child support and budget the remainder of $200. Since $200 per month is less than the $234 net income limit for two persons, Ms. Jones and her child are eligible for MAF.

If members of an active MAF case begin receiving or experience an increase in child support, and disregarding $50 of child support still results in ineligibility for continued MAF, explore eligibility for Extended MAF on Support Closings (refer to Section 0915.000.00) and all other MC+ and Medicaid programs.

Note: This disregard was eliminated January 1, 2002 when the income limit was raised to 100% of the federal poverty level (FPL). The disregard is reinstated effective July 1, 2005 when House Bill 11 reduces the MAF income standards to the July 16, 1996 Aid to Families with Dependent Children income standards. This disregard is allowed only for MAF cases.