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0905.012.55.05 Gross Income Limit – OBSOLETE

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The assistance group’s gross income (less overhead expenses only) may not exceed 185% of the full need standard. The family must meet this test at application, reinvestigation, and each budget adjustment. Include income of the following in this test even though their needs are not included in the assistance group or in the 185% of need gross income standard.

  1. The appropriate amount of a stepparent’s income.
  2. The appropriate amount of the major parent’s income.

Gross income includes both earned and unearned income less any overhead expenses of producing the income. Exclude the income outlined under Income Excluded in Section 0905.012.70.

EXAMPLE: An assistance group of three has gross income of $1,200 with no overhead expenses. $846 (standard for 3) x 185 percent = $1,565. $1,565 less $1,200. = $365 deficit. Thus the family meets the 185 percent gross income limit test.

Refer to Appendix D for the MAF and MC+ income limits.