zz – Obsolete

0905.012.55.10 Eligibility Based On Need – OBSOLETE

IM-#26 March 23, 2007,  IM-46 May 13, 2005,  IM-54 June 03, 2004

Compare income (minus overhead expenses, standard work exemption and childcare up to maximum allowed) to the MAF need standard (Temporary Assistance Consolidated Standard Expense) to determine eligibility in the following situations.

  1. At application or when adding a person except the following situations:
    • When the applicant has received and was eligible for MAF+ in one of the four months prior to application; or
    • When the applicant is reapplying during the previously established eight-month period for the $30 disregard.
  2. When determining if an NPCR is needy or not needy.

NOTE:  When transferring from another MC+ category with a higher income limit to MAF, treat as an application.

IBCA will not calculate this budget unless ELIG TEST is marked “Y”.

Refer to Appendix D for the MAF and MC+ income limits.