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0905.012.75.60 Benefits designated for a Veteran’s Dependent – OBSOLETE

IM-#15 March 9, 2010

VA often considers the existence of dependents when determining a veteran’s or a veteran’s surviving spouse’s eligibility for pension, compensation, and educational benefits. If dependents are involved, the amount of the pension may be greater. The amount of the VA pension designated for the benefit of the veteran’s or veteran’s surviving spouse’s dependent is included for the Food Stamp, Temporary Assistance and Child Care Programs.  This portion of a VA pension is excluded for MO HealthNet for Families.

  • Enter the full amount of the VA Pension including the portion designated for the veteran’s dependent , as “UI – Unearned Income”, source “VA – Veterans Administration”.
  • Enter the portion of the pension designated for the veteran’s dependent as income expense code “DX– VA Dependent Expenses”.