zz – Obsolete

0905.025.10 Earned Income Closings (MAF) – OBSOLETE

Prior to taking any action to close MAF, eligibility must always be explored for Transitional Medical Assistance.  It is not necessary to verify earnings or beginning date of employment to put the members on Transitional Medical Assistance. Accept the client’s statements for both. A new hire match or IMES can be used to confirm the information provided it is within reason. Whenever a new hire report is received, use this information to determine eligibility for Transitional Medical Assistance.

If the client is not placed on TMA and it is discovered later they did qualify; change the case to transitional by reopening as an MAF, then close to transitional.

If ineligible for TMA, explore the children’s eligibility under the MC+ program.  An IM-80PRE must be sent allowing the caretakers and children, if applicable, the opportunity to report any other possible eligibility if none is found when completing an ex-parte review.  If no other possible eligibility claimed, send an adverse action notice (IM-80).