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0905.025.20 Adding a Person (MAF) – OBSOLETE

IM-12 January 20, 2000

A request to add a person to an existing MAF case can be received through the mail or by phone, it does not have to be in writing. The request to add a person to an existing case can be received as part of the annual review, or any time a caretaker reports a new person in the home. Requests may also be received to change the status of a person already in the home from included to active.

If the information is already present in the case record to establish eligibility for the person in question, add the person. If information is needed to establish eligibility for the person being added, request the needed information. A review is not necessary.

When adding a person to an active MAF case, use the following procedure:

  • Record the date of the request to add the person.
  • IAPP the individual on the active MAF case.
  • Complete a budget to reflect the new person and their income.
  • Determine eligibility for MAF, and record the basis for the determination.
  • Request information for medical support cooperation and refer to DCSE (refer to Section 0905.010.40.10 ).
  • When the individual is approved or rejected send the appropriate notice, IM-32MC or IM-33MC, to the caretaker.

NOTE: Income of a person added to the assistance group must be verified prior to adding the person. However, it is not necessary to reverify income of persons currently included in the assistance group.