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IM-#54 June 2, 2005,  IM-#70 June 14, 2002

When a Medical Assistance for Families (MAF) family becomes ineligible for MAF (with or without cash) because of employment, increased earnings, or loss of earned income disregards, and the family meets certain other requirements, the family qualifies for Transitional Medical Assistance (TMA). This program provides MC+ healthcare coverage for the family for six months following MAF ineligibility, and if other requirements are met, the family may be eligible for an additional six months. Families must meet eligibility criteria at MAF closing, certain requirements during the first six months, and additional requirements during the second six months. Transitional Medical Assistance ends 12 months after MAF ineligibility.

A Transitional Medical Assistance eligible family must complete quarterly reports of earned income and child care expenses in the fourth, seventh, and tenth months of eligibility. Failure to return a complete report in the fourth month results in ineligibility at the end of the sixth month. Failure to return a complete report in the seventh or tenth months results in suspension at the end of those months until completed reports are submitted, if prior to the 12th month.

Additionally, if gross earned income less child care expenses from the second or third quarterly reports exceeds 185% of the poverty level, Transitional Medical Assistance eligibility ends.