zz – Obsolete

0910.010.00 Eligibility for Initial Six Months (TMA) – OBSOLETE

To initially qualify for Transitional Medical Assistance, a family must:

  1. be eligible to receive and have received MAF (with or without cash) in at least three of the last six months immediately preceding the first month of ineligibility; AND
  2. lose eligibility for MAF because one of the following occurred:
    1. employment of a caretaker relative, as defined below;
    2. increased earnings of a caretaker relative; or
    3. loss of the $30 and 1/3 disregard, $30 disregard, or 2/3 disregard by any assistance group member.

The client’s statement of employment and the date employment began may be accepted. If verification is requested (combination MAF/Temporary Assistance case) but not received, determine eligibility for Transitional Medical Assistance based on the best information available from the family or other sources.

If more than one change occurs that could cause MAF ineligibility, use the change occurring first to determine eligibility for Transitional Medical Assistance.