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0910.015.00 Eligibility During First Six Months (TMA) – OBSOLETE

IM-119 June 27, 2001 A family meeting criteria for initial Transitional Medical Assistance eligibility is eligible for the first six months unless:

  1. the family no longer resides in Missouri;
  2. Transitional Medical Assistance eligible child no longer lives in the home, because the last such child either leaves the home or exceeds the MAF age requirement; or
  3. any of the last six months of MAF receipt were obtained through fraud (determine fraud if the claimant is convicted or pleads guilty in a court of law to a felony or misdemeanor charge of unlawful receipt of benefits).

NOTE:  TMA recipients do not have to cooperate with DCSE in the pursuit of medical support.

Failure to complete and return the first quarterly report form without good cause results in ineligibility for Transitional Medical Assistance for the second six months. See Quarterly Report Requirements later in this section.  Always explore eligibility for other MC+/Medicaid programs when TMA eligibility ends.  Refer to 0910.050.00.