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0910.025.10 Good Cause For Failure To Return Quarterly Report (TMA) – OBSOLETE

IM-170  December 16, 2002

Good cause for failure to make a timely report is limited to:

  1. serious illness or death of the recipient or a member of the recipient’s family;
  2. a family emergency or household disaster, such as a fire, flood, or tornado;
  3. other good cause beyond the recipient’s control (discuss such cases with the supervisor to determine if a recipient has good cause and if unable to decide, obtain clearance through normal supervisory channels); OR
  4. the recipient did not receive a quarterly report form for a reason not attributable to the recipient (failure to furnish DFS with a current address is attributable to the recipient).

If the caretaker contacts DFS claiming “good cause”, allow whenever possible.  If the caretaker had good cause for failing to return a completed quarterly report, reinstate the caretaker’s TMA eligibility.  Refer to Section 0910.050.05.05 and 0910.050.10.05