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0910.050.05.05 Reinstatement of TMA Eligibility for Six Month Closings – OBSOLETE

IM-54 June 2, 2005

If allowing “good cause” after the case has been transferred to MC+ for Children, TMA eligibility should be restored. It is necessary to enter a transaction reinstating the parents and children to MAF (T LOC) with the July 16, 1996 AFDC income standards (TA net income limit). The following day, enter the transaction to take back to TMA using the appropriate entries in field 32 and 38a. This should be done as quickly as possible to prevent any disruptions in healthcare coverage or enrollment in managed care whenever possible. If TMA is restored after payroll closing, send a quarterly report if the third quarterly report is needed.

If “good cause” is not claimed or not allowed, but the caretaker contacts FSD indicting possible eligibility due to disability, pregnancy, blindness or change in circumstances, restore eligibility to TMA using the same procedures above, pending an eligibility determination under the appropriate category of assistance. Follow the procedures in Section 0910.050.20.10 (Response from Client) to determine if caretaker(s) is eligible for another category of Medicaid/MC+.

Note: If one of two parents indicates possible eligibility elsewhere, only reinstate the parent claiming other possible eligibility to TMA.