zz – Obsolete

0910.050.15.05 Action Necessary for 12 Month Closings – OBSOLETE

IM-54 June 2, 2005, IM-46 March 2, 2001, IM-170 December 16, 2002

Prior to allowing the system to close the parent�s TMA eligibility at the end of the twelve (12) month limit, explore the caretaker�s eligibility for other MC+/Medicaid categories. Use the information from the last quarterly report, if available, to evaluate eligibility. If eligible, approve effective the first of the following month. Use the IM-33MCC to notify the client of the change in eligibility.

Evaluate the children�s continued eligibility for MC+. Make any changes in levels of care under the MC+ case effective the first of the following month.

If the ex parte review indicates potential eligibility for another category, but eligibility cannot be established prior to the TMA ending, follow procedures in Section 0910.050.20.10 to keep the TMA open.