zz – Obsolete

0910.050.20.20 Ineligible for Another Category – OBSOLETE

IM-54 June 2, 2005, IM-46 March 2, 2001

If a TMA caretaker relative is determined ineligible based on reported pregnancy, disability, blindness or change in circumstances, send an MC+ Advance Adverse Action Notice (IM-80MC) specifying the reason eligibility for MC+/Medicaid does not exist. Address the reason eligibility for the denial of the new category and the reason for loss of eligibility for TMA. A separate rejection notice for the new category is not required as the IM-80MC notifies the client of ineligibility for MC+/Medicaid categories and provides appeal rights. The TMA caretaker’s eligibility should be closed once the IM-80MC expires, as the twelve 12) month TMA period has ended. Send a closing letter citing all reasons provided on the IM-80MC. If children are active on the case, switch to MC+ for Children eligibility.