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0910.050.20 Pre-closing Review – OBSOLETE

IM-54 June 2, 2005, IM-46 March 2, 2001, IM-170 December 16, 2002

A system generated notice of ineligibility for TMA will be sent thirty (30) days in advance of twelve (12) month eligibility period ending.

NOTE: This notice will not be sent to individuals losing eligibility the end of six (6) months for failure to return the quarterly report. The TMA quarterly report allows the individual the opportunity to provide any additional information needed to establish eligibility prior to termination.

The notice will inform the recipient that eligibility for MAF is being explored. The notice also informs recipient of other possible basis of eligibility and serves as the Pre-Closing Review Notice. The individual is allowed ten (10) days to respond.

If the client reports lower income explore MAF eligibility. Refer to Section 0910.050.20.10.