zz – Obsolete

0915.005.00 Eligibility (Extended MAF Support Closings) – OBSOLETE

If an MAF case is closed because of receipt of or increase in child or spousal support, continue MC+ healthcare coverage for four months provided:

  1. any family member is eligible for and received MAF (with or without cash) benefits in at least three of the last six months immediately preceding the month in which he/she became ineligible for MAF (months of prior quarter MAF are included in the three months needed to establish eligibility); and
  2. the CLOSING is based on NO NEED (including no need on the 185 percent income eligibility limit test) because of increased income from receipt of or increase in child support or alimony, and the family meets all other MAF eligibility requirements.

Ineligibility created because a claimant marries a stepparent who receives child support or alimony does not entitle the case to four months of continued benefits. Only when a stepparent (who is already considered in the case) begins receiving child support or alimony, or receives an increase in child support or alimony, is the case entitled to the four month continuation of Title XIX benefits.