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0915.010.00 Four-Month Extension on Support Closings – OBSOLETE

In computing the four-month period for which the family remains eligible, the first month to count is the first month after the last correctly received month of MAF.

EXAMPLE: If the claimant received child support (causing ineligibility) on 1/26, and the last correctly received month of MAF is in February, the four month period begins in March and ends in June.

Please note the four-month period begins in the first month after the month of the last correctly received MAF month, not the month in which the change is discovered. If the family received MAF for months they were not eligible, count these months in the four- month period. If the family was ineligible for four months or more when the ineligibility is discovered, do not allow the family any continuing coverage under this category. Explore eligibility for other MC+ healthcare coverage groups.

When a MAF case is closed because of receipt of or increase in child support or alimony and eligibility on all other factors continues to exist, change the MAF case to Extended MAF.

Once eligibility for the four-month extension of MAF benefits is established, the family remains eligible during this period as long as the family continues to be eligible on all other eligibility factors.

If the family becomes ineligible on any other factor during the four-month eligibility period, close the case.