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0925.010.25.05 Income Limits (MPW) – OBSOLETE

IM-46 May 13, 2005,   IM-54 June 03, 2004 , IM-65 June 4, 2002

A pregnant woman is eligible for MO HealthNet healthcare coverage if the assistance group’s net income does not exceed 185% of the federal poverty level (FPL) for the household size (including the unborn child(ren)).

Eligibility for the MO HealthNet for Pregnant Women program should be explored using the MHF net income standard (current Temporary Assistance grant amount limit) before using the 185% federal poverty level need standards. The reason for this is the State has the authority to be more restrictive in regard to medical services provided to pregnant women with income higher than MHF levels. At this time, coverage is the same, it is not restricted. However, if services are restricted in the future, these individuals will need to be identified. Thus, eligibility is to be explored by comparing the assistance group’s income to the MHF need standards first.

Note: Do not disregard the first $50 of child support when determining eligibility for MPW using the MHF need standards.

If income exceeds the MHF limit compare the assistance group’s income to 185% of the FPL for the family size.