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0925.010.25.10 Assistance Group (MPW) – OBSOLETE

Some family members are mandatory for inclusion in the assistance group and some are optional. Others are mandatory for exclusion. Determine the assistance group by including mandatory members, and optional members whose inclusion does not adversely effect eligibility. Mandatory exclusions take precedence over the mandatory inclusions for assistance grouping.

1. Assistance Group Mandatory Persons Included (MPW)

The following persons must be included in the assistance group, unless they are a mandatory exclusion:

  • the pregnant woman
  • the unborn child
  • the unborn child’s father (if in the home)

NOTE:  If a multiple birth is verified, include the additional unborn child(ren).

2. Assistance Group Mandatory Exclusions (MPW)

The following persons must be excluded from the assistance group:

  • a married child whose spouse is in the home
  • sanctioned individuals (the income of a parent is included)

3. Assistance Group Optional Members (MPW)

The pregnant woman has the option to include the following persons in the assistance group, unless they are a mandatory exclusion:

  • age-eligible siblings (full, half, step, adoptive) of the unborn child
  • spouse of the pregnant woman (if not the father of the unborn child)

NOTE: Do not include optional assistance group members whose income causes ineligibility.