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0925.010.25 Need (MPW) – OBSOLETE

IM-22 April 14, 2011 IM-46 May 13, 2005 IM-65 June 4, 2002,  IM-218 December 13, 2001

Section 1902(a)(17)(D) of the Social Security Act prohibits the consideration of income of persons not financially responsible for an individual. All MHF budgeting methodologies apply to MO HealthNet for pregnant women except:

  • Assistance grouping rules,
  • The $50 child support disregard is not allowed, and
  • Stepparent deeming.
  • SSI income of assistance group members is included, refer to Section 0925.010.25.15.

Definitions of income and income exclusions are the same as MO HealthNet for non-CHIP children unless otherwise stated.

NOTE:  MPW follows the same budgeting methodology as MO HealthNet for Families (MHF) when deeming a major parent’s income to a minor parent.  Refer to Section 0905.012.20.