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0925.020.10.05 Correction Of Postpartum Ending Date – OBSOLETE

IM-1 February 13, 2004

The postpartum ending date determined by expected delivery date is entered into field 32 of the IMU5 at the time of approval.  Postpartum eligibility terminates on the last day of the month containing the 60th day after the termination of the pregnancy for women who apply while pregnant.  The postpartum eligibility end date may be incorrect once we determine when the child is born.  If we become aware of the birth prior to postpartum ending, make corrections to the ending date in field 32 based on the child’s actual month of birth.

Example:  Approved with postpartum date of February 29, 2004 entered in field 32 of the IMU5 as we verified an expected delivery date of December 20, 2003.  Recipient did not delivery child until January 5, 2004.  Therefore, postpartum ending date should be changed to March 31, 2004.

Example:  Approved same as above.  However, she delivered the baby November 30, 2003.  The ending date should be changed to January 31, 2004.