zz – Obsolete

0925.030.00 Dual Eligibility – General Relief and MPW – OBSOLETE

IM-53 June 2, 2005

This policy was eliminated effective July 1, 2005 by Missouri House Bill 11 (2005)

Pregnant women may be or become unemployable because of circumstances involving their pregnancy. A pregnant woman who meets eligibility for MC+ may also qualify for the General Relief program (GR). All GR requirements must be met including resources, unemployability and need (using GR budget standards). Thus, medical information necessary to establish pregnancy AND unemployability must be obtained. Complete needed determinations using both MAF and GR standards. A pregnant woman who meets eligibility for both programs receives both MPW and cash under the General Relief program.

When a claimant who has been receiving only MC+ for Pregnant Women requests and is found eligible for GR, treat these cases as though they were applications. Use the date of request in the same manner as the date of application, to determine beginning eligibility for cash.