zz – Obsolete

0925.050.00 Extended Women’s Health Services (EWHS) – OBSOLETE

IM-54 June 4, 2013; IM-71 June 14, 2002

Women who are in need of family planning services and who are losing MO HealthNet for Pregnant Women (MPW) eligibility 60 days after their pregnancy ends remain eligible for coverage of women’s health services. The coverage will continue for a maximum of one year after MPW eligibility expires. Eligibility automatically extends following the end of the 60-day postpartum period.
The woman must:

  • be age 18 up to age 56;
  • be uninsured, or have insurance coverage that does not provide family planning services. (The requirement that health insurance not have been dropped in the last six months does not apply. All of the other uninsured requirements for MO HealthNet Chip level of care apply. Refer to Income Maintenance manual section 0920.020.05;
  • not have access to employer-sponsored insurance that covers family planning services;
  • not be eligible for Medicare (this includes Part A);
  • not be eligible for any other MO HealthNet program, including the MHABD Spend Down or Non-Spend Down programs;
  • lose MO HealthNet for Pregnant Women (MPW) eligibility due to the end of pregnancy; and
  • not have been sterilized following her pregnancy.