zz – Obsolete

0925.050.20 System Processes (EWHS) – OBSOLETE

IM-#54 June 4, 2013, IM-#71 June 14, 2002

EWHS recipients are identified on the FAMIS Medicaid Category History (MEDHIST) screen by Medicaid category EWHS and ME code 80.

FAMIS systematically converts women on MPW cases at the end of the 60-day postpartum period if the system reflects they are uninsured or are Health Insurance Premium Payment (HIPP) participants.

MO HealthNet for Pregnant Women (MPW) participants who have insurance coverage will continue to be systematically closed on the second payroll closing at the end of the 60-day postpartum coverage period.

EWHS will be systematically closed if a woman turns age 56 during the one-year extension period. EWHS coverage is date specific.