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0927.010.35 Uninsured (UWHS) – OBSOLETE

IM-29 March 11, 2013, IM-8 February 03, 2011, IM-#70 November 19, 2010, IM-1 January 07, 2009

To be eligible for UWHS, a woman must be uninsured. Uninsured women are defined as women age eighteen (18) up to fifty-six (56) years of age that do not have health insurance that covers family planning services. Refer to Section 0920.02s0.05.10 for definition of health insurance. A woman covered by health insurance that covers family planning services at the time UWHS eligibility is determined is ineligible, unless the insurance enrollment is already paid for by HIPP. There is no penalty for dropping insurance.

NOTE: Persons receiving Medicare are considered insured.