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0927.015.00 Healthcare Coverage (UWHS) – OBSOLETE

IM-29 March 11, 2013, IM-8 February 03, 2011, IM-1 January 07, 2009

Women in the Uninsured Women’s Health Services program in need of family planning services are eligible for the same services as women in the Extended Women’s Health Services (EWHS) program. These services are:

  • Approved methods of contraception;
  • Sexually transmitted disease testing and treatment, including pap tests and pelvic exams, if determined during a family planning visit;
  • Family planning, counseling, education on various methods of birth control; and
  • Drugs, supplies, or devices related to the women’s health services described above, when they are prescribed by a physician or advanced practice nurse.
  • NOTE: Only women who are in need of family planning services can receive coverage for these services. Women who are sterilized are not eligible for UWHS.

There is no cost sharing for UWHS coverage. Services are provided through fee-for-service through approved MO HealthNet providers in all areas of the state. UWHS coverage begins the first day of the month of application provided all eligibility factors are met. UWHS does not include prior quarter coverage.