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0930.010.05 Notification of Birth (Newborn) – OBSOLETE

IM-1 February 13, 2004

Notification of the birth can come from the mother, the mother’s representative, the hospital, the hospital’s representative, or the mother’s managed healthcare plan.  Approve the child for Medicaid/MC+ within 10 days of being notified a child has been born to an MC+ or Medicaid recipient.  A signed application is not necessary.

To add a newborn, we need the following:

  • mother’s name and Medicaid number (DCN);
  • the child’s name;
  • child’s date of birth;
  • child’s race and sex; and
  • verification of birth.

If the newborn’s full name is not available, it is permissible to use Baby Boy or Baby Girl as the child’s first name.  Every effort should be made to determine the name before using Baby Boy or Baby Girl to lessen the possibility for duplicate dcns.

Once notification of the birth is received, take the following steps:

  • assign a DCN;
  • verify the birth;
  • approve the child for an appropriate level of care and eligibility dates.