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0930.015.05 Newborn’s Eligibility for Other Programs – OBSOLETE

IM-60 June 12, 2006,  IM-1 February 13, 2004

If adding the newborn to the mother’s active MAF or MC+ case as a level of care other than “G”, follow normal procedures. Do not change a newborn to a CHIP level of care, as newborn coverage is more extensive. Wait until newborn coverage ends to change to CHIP.

An ex-parte review should be started on a Newborn case the month before the child reaches age 1 to evaluate the child’s continue eligibility elsewhere.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO QUICKLY DETERMINE THE EFFECT OF THE CHILD’S BIRTH ON THE FAMILY’S CONTINUED ELIGIBILITY FOR OTHER TYPES OF ASSISTANCE THEY ARE RECEIVING. When the child is determined eligible under the Newborn policy, use the date of birth as the application date to add to an active Temporary Assistance, MAF, or MC+ for Children case. Only add the child as a “Z” level of care to MAF or MC+ for Children’s cases if it benefits other family members.

NOTE: For those children who are not eligible for another type of assistance and continue to receive Newborn assistance, inform the mother that she must report if the child leaves her home.