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0935.010.15 Child Support Is Current (NCP) – OBSOLETE

Current in paying child support is defined as either of the following:

  • Having made at least four payments, at or above the legally obligated amount, for ALL the NCP’s children in the previous six month period; or
  • Current for ALL the NCP’s children with no arrearages indicated in the Missouri Automated Child Support System (MACSS).

The legally obligated amount is the amount established either by a court order or an administrative order through DCSE. If there is no court or administrative order, the NCP is not eligible.

For newly acquired court orders (less than 4 months) if the non- custodial parent has made his monthly child support payments as obligated he is considered as current.

The MACSS Screens are a possible source to document child support payments and should be used whenever possible. Refer to CKS memorandum dated October 23, 1998, Missouri Automated Child Support System, for instructions. If you encounter problems using the MACSS system, contact the DCSE office servicing your county of residence. If the NCP is paying directly to the custodial parent, it will be the responsibility of the NCP to provide a copy of the order and a statement from the custodial parent confirming child support payments are current.