zz – Obsolete

0935.025.05 IMU5 System Entries (NCP) – OBSOLETE

MC+ applications for uninsured NCPs will be registered on IAPP as type of assistance, “X” (Non-custodial Parents).

To approve an NCP application enter the following in IMU5:

Case Data:


Field 5 Case Action
Field 6 Reason Open
Field 10B Residence County
Field 11 If applicable
Field 25 Income
Field 29 No. Persons – show number of persons in assistance group
Field 32 Enter date 24 months from date entered in Field 13E
Field 33 Expense – enter 125% FPL limit for number of persons listed in Field 29
Field 34 Net Income
Field 35 Deficit
Field 36 Grant Amount – enter zeros
Field 41 Gross Income

Individual Data:

The NCP is only individual listed on IMU5.


Field 13E MC+ beginning date must be no earlier than the date of application.
Field 13G Level of Care for this group is “F”
Field 13I if applicable
Field 13J if applicable
Field 13K Enter citizenship/alien status
Field 13-03 Insurance indicator
Field 13R if applicable
Field 13S if applicable

The following edits will occur:

  • Beginning date of eligibility cannot be prior to date of application or 02-01-99, whichever is later.
  • Ineligible – income exceeds expenses (125% FPL)
  • Date in Field 32 cannot be more than 24 months from date in Field 13E.

When rejecting or closing an NCP because they are not current in making child support payments enter rejection/closing code, 64 — Not Actively Paying Child Support.