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0935.035.00 Interim Changes (NCP) – OBSOLETE

If an NCP goes a third month (within six months) without paying the legally obligated child support amount, s/he will lose eligibility for MC+. S/he will not be eligible in the future, unless s/he has paid his legally obligated amount for four out of the six months preceding his/her application.

EXCEPTION TO LEGALLY OBLIGATED AMOUNT: If DCSE has an agreement with the NCP for payments at less than the legally obligated amount, and the NCP is making these payments, s/he is considered current.

DCSE will notify FSD staff via a printout any time an NCP has paid less than their legally obligated amount.  Monitor these printouts for three missed payments in a six month period. Contact DCSE to confirm they have not worked out an agreement to make reduced payments for a specific period of time. If the NCP indicates the DCSE is working with him/her and s/he is current, allow time for the NCP to provide documentation from DCSE. If it is established the NCP is not current on their child support payments, send an adverse action notice to close the case.

If notified the NCP has obtained health insurance coverage, Send an adverse action notice and close the case.