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0945.025.00 ITMP System – OBSOLETE

When Qualified Providers send form QP-1 and QP-2 to the FSD office to notify of TEMP approvals, enter the information into the TIMP screen.  Complete instructions for the ITMP screen are included in the IM Forms Manual in the QP-Instructions.

  1. Screen for prior assistance history.  Use the SCLR process to determine if the TEMP claimant is known to DSS.  If the individual is known, record the DCN on the QP-1.  If the screening indicates a pending MC+ application, inform the caseworker of the receipt of the TEMP determination so the worker can determine whether to issue an IM-29(TEMP).  Go to step 3.  If the individual is not known to the system, go to step 2.
  2. Assign a DCN.  If the individual has no previous record of participation, assign a DCN now.  A DCN is necessary to enter information into the ITMP screen.  Use the identifying information from the QP-1 to make the assignment.

    NOTE:  Do not enter the Social Security Number as it has not been verified.  Record the DCN on the QP-1.

  3. Enter information from the QP-1 and QP-2 card into the ITMP screen.  Even if the screening in number 1 shows an active MC+ case, an ITMP transaction is required.  The Qualified Provider has issued a temporary number which must be cross-referenced to the DCN to assure Medicaid/MC+ claims payment.
  4. Use IPAR for inquiry regarding TEMP eligibility.  The ITMP screen is for entry only.  Do not use it for inquiry.  The IPAR screen allows inquiry regarding TEMP eligibility.  TEMP eligibility is indicated by type of assistance P under the IM participation.  Eligibility information can be accessed by selecting the P type of assistance from that screen.
  5. “Disconnect” temporary numbers from DCNs by using the delete function of ITMP.  If, after entering an ITMP transaction, you find you have entered a temporary number incorrectly, you can delete this information from the system and re-enter the ITMP transaction using the correct number.  This is an important function since ITMP allows only one DCN to be connected to any temporary number.