zz – Obsolete

0945.055.00 Responsibility for Training Qualified Providers – OBSOLETE

The terms of the Qualified Provider Agreement specify that designated staff may not make TEMP eligibility determinations prior to attending required training.  Additionally, Qualified Providers must notify State Office in writing of any changes in designated TEMP staff.

Initially, the Staff Training units were responsible for training Qualified Provider staff.

Area and county office staff have responsibility for ongoing training of Qualified Provider staff.  Additional providers may wish to enroll as Qualified Providers at a later date.  The providers must sign Qualified Provider Agreements with FSD State Office.  Designated area/county staff will set up sessions to train the staff of these providers.  If you receive requests from providers who want to become Qualified Providers, contact State Office, Income Maintenance Section.  The enrollment and training will need to be coordinated between the provider and FSD State Office and area/county staff.

When enrolled Qualified Providers have staff turnover and require training of new staff, county office staff are responsible for meeting these training needs.  Set up informal sessions as quickly as possible to allow the Qualified Provider continuity in participating in the TEMP program.

State Office retains records of which individuals have met training requirements for the TEMP program.  Notify State Office of the request and the name of anyone trained.