zz – Obsolete

0950.030.05 Presumptively Eligible – OBSOLETE

Enter the Presumptive Eligibility for Children into the Legacy system via an IMU5 transaction on the date the qualified entity notifies FSD of the determination.

  1. Register a Presumptive Eligibility for Children application (PC-1) via IAPP in the caretaker’s name. This will be a P type of assistance with a C instead of sequence number. Example PCxxxxxxxx.
  2. Enter the IMU5 transaction for Presumptive Eligibility:

    Field 5 – Case action (use IMU5 code sheet)

    Field 6 – Reason open (use IMU5 code sheet)

    Field 13E – date of eligibility for eligible child(ren)

    Field 13G – level of care “T” for eligible child(ren)

    Field 15b – Enter the QE provider number. This must be a valid provide number for the system to accept the entry.

Additionally, the MO HealthNet for Kids, Pregnant Women and Parents application (IM-1UA) that will be included with information from the qualified entity, must also be registered within one working day of receipt. The application date is the date the Presumptive Eligibility determination is made. The Presumptive Eligibility beginning date is the same date the IM-1UA is signed.