zz – Obsolete

1102.015.25 Residency – OBSOLETE

Obsolete per IM-54 May 18, 2021

IM-#137 November 21, 2005

Verify residency except in unusual cases (such as homeless EUs, some migrant farm worker EUs, or EUs newly arrived in the area). Verify residence, to the extent possible, in conjunction with verification of other information such as identity. If residency cannot be verified in conjunction with other verification, make reference/collateral contact (CC or TC); or use other readily available documentary evidence (HC).

Acceptable verification includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • rent or mortgage receipts,
  • lease contract,
  • utility bills,
  • unexpired driver’s license.

Record a comment regarding when the verification was received and any other information on the Eligibility Unit Member Role (FM3Z) screen.