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1210.000.00 Household Eligibility Criteria

This section provides information on the:

  1. Composition of the family unit;
  2. Relationship of the applicant to the child;
  3. Residency;
  4. Social security number for the head of the household;
  5. Age of the child;
  6. Persons included in the family unit;
  7. Eligible need components;
  8. Definitions and time limits of need components;
  9. Income budgeting;
  10. Income exclusions, and,
  11. Income deductions.

Specified relatives and legal guardians applying as the head of household or “caretaker” of the child needing care, must meet the same eligibility and need components as Temporary Assistance or Non-Temporary Assistance households.

Needy Non-Parent Caretaker Relatives applying for child care must meet the child care eligibility set forth for Temporary Assistance households.