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1210.005.00 Family Unit

(CD10-04, OEC10-03 dated January 8, 2010)

Mandatory members of the ‘Family Unit’, residing in the home are:

  1. The child(ren) for whom care is requested;
  2. The child’s biological, adoptive parents or resource providers (whether married or unmarried);
  3. A Non-Parent Caretaker Relative (NPCR), if no biological parent, adoptive parent, or legal guardian resides in the household;
  4. Legal Guardian,
  5. The biological, adoptive or resource provider’s spouse;
  6. The child(ren)’s siblings under age 18 (step, half or adopted);
  7. An unmarried parental partner who is the parent of the child’s sibling(s); and,
  8. Children of the unmarried parental partner under age 18.
  9. Other children, for whom the payee is responsible, may be included in the payee’s ‘Family Unit’.  The payee has the option of including grandchildren, nieces, and nephews as part of their Child Care household even though the optional member may not need child care services.

A school age child, who is also the parent of a child in the same home, HAS THE OPTION of being a separate family unit.

In joint custody cases, consider each household separately.  Eligibility determination is based on the applying household’s composition, income, and medical insurance premiums.  Authorization of the child(ren) to a provider shall be made based on the time child care is needed by the applying household.