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1210.020.00 Eligible Need for Child Care

(CD12-33, OEC12-06 dated March 15, 2012), (CD11-45/OEC11-11 dated May 20, 2011)

In order to access child care subsidy benefits, the household must participate in an eligible need component and have a valid need for child care.  A valid need for care is one that enables the participant to retain gainful employment, obtain the necessary skills to obtain or retain gainful employment, or assists in eliminating or mitigating a child’s special need.  Examples of a valid need for care include, but are not limited to, employment, participation in an approved education or training program, and special need of the child.  Examples of child care needs that are not valid include, but are not limited to, the following:

“Employment” as a child care provider, caring for four or less children (FOL).  An FOL provider is available to care for his or her own child, while providing care to other children.

“Employment” working for an FOL child care provider.  FOL providers agree to be the sole caretakers of the children in care.  If an individual claims to need care due to this reason, email the name of the FOL child care provider to the Child Care Provider Relations Unit at CD.AskCCPRU@dss.mo.gov.

Attending an Adult Education and Literacy (AEL), General Education Development (GED), or English as a Second Language (ESL) program not certified by DESE.  A participant receiving private tutoring or instruction in an AEL, GED, or ESL program not certified by DESE does not have a valid need for care.

Attending a training or educational course that does not offer a certification or degree program.  Example – attending a ceramics class offered by a local university or career center.

Attendance in a course/class/training program that will not reasonably further the participant’s career.  Example – attending a culinary program with no intention of working in the culinary field.