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CD14-69/OEC14-7 dated November 12, 2014, CD11-45/OEC11-11 dated May 20, 2011, CD09-81, OEC09-14 dated August 27, 2009, CD 08-20, OEC-03 dated April 15, 2008, CD 08-05, OEC-01 dated January 14, 2008

Temporary Assistance households, defined as Temporary Assistance cash cases or $10.00 minimum pay cases are eligible for Child Care Assistance without meeting the Temporary Assistance hourly work participation requirement.

For households who show a need for child care, but are engaged in an eligible need component for a limited number of hours, the Child Care application will include a statement to show how Child Care Assistance supports the participants Individual Employment Plan.

If participants are in educational components, they must be attending at least half time as defined by the facility. For individuals in training, ABE programs, or GED programs, satisfactory progress is determined by the training facility. Request documentation from the facility to verify satisfactory progress in any educational component at application, if the participant is already enrolled in the component. For participants who enroll after the child care application is approved, request documentation of satisfactory progress at the end of the program’s term, or six (6) months, at minimum.

The course of study must be consistent with a reasonable goal as reflected in an individual employment plan. A reasonable goal is one that leads to employment and/or increases the family’s self-reliance.

If a TA applicant is mandatory to participate in the Missouri Work Assistance (MWA) program, a child care application should be taken at the same time the household applies for TA. The child care application should be processed as normal, determining eligibility within 15 days of the application date. For households mandatory to participate in the MWA program, enter TRN (training/evaluation) on the CCNEED (FMAC) screen in FAMIS.  The begin date on CCNEED will be the date of application. Enter an end date on CCNEED 60 days in the future. Do not authorize children to a provider until verification of an appointment or participation in the MWA is received from MWA staff. For active child care cases who begin participation in the MWA program, update the CCNEED screen to TRN once verification of their participation has been received.

If verification is received that a mandatory participant for MWA fails to keep an appointment or fails to follow through with MWA policy, update the end date on CCNEED to the date participation ended or the date of the missed appointment. This will start the closing process on the child care case.

Once a participant has completed the MWA assessment process, the household’s need for child care should be reassessed. If the household has a new need for child care, CCNEED should be updated to reflect the new need and the TRN need closed. Comments should be made on the CCNEED screen.