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(CD15-04, OEC15-01 dated January 23, 2015), (CD13-37, OEC13-07 dated April 26, 2013), (CD12-33, OEC12-06 dated March 15, 2012) The need for child care must be verified in order to approve child care assistance.  Methods of verification can be, but are not limited to, any of the following:

  • Employment Verification Form (FA-311)
  • Wage Stubs
  • The Work Number
  • Telephone call to the employer
  • Statement from the employer, written on company letterhead
  • Class schedule
  • Letter from school, stating enrollment dates, class schedule, etc.

Document the need for child care in a comment off the CCNEED (FMAC) screen.  Include the method of verification as well as the information verified, such as the dates of enrollment for post-secondary education or the start date of employment

Example 1:  Per email from MWA staff Jane Doe on 10/14/11, Marilyn is enrolled in Job Skills Training Program from 10/17/11 through 11/18/11.  Hard copy of email in case file.

Example 2:  Per FA 311 received 12/19/2011, John began working at XYZ Services on 12/05/2011.

Example 3:  Per FA 321 received 01/19/2012, Samantha is enrolled half time at the University of Missouri – St. Louis from 01/17/2012 – 05/11/2012

Note:  If a comment is not made by the Eligibility Specialist explaining how the need was verified, it should be counted as an error when reviewed in the Case Review System.